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PsychoPy stores both shifts as 'left shift'

Standard Standalone? yes
What are you trying to achieve?: use ‘left shift’ and ‘right shift’ for a true/false questions task. However PsychoPy stores any shift press as ‘left shift’ press.

What did you try to make it work? checked with another program if it’s my keyboard or OS problem but in this program (SharpKeys) both shifts are recognized correctly.
In the image a piece of output. As you can see the keypress in all cases shows as ‘left shift’ even though I pressed the right shift in more than half of the cases.

I suspect this is a bug upstream with pyglet, which is where these key codes come from. I’m afraid it probably isn’t something we can do much about at our end. Could you just workaround it using different keys?

I am working in an experiment with a colleague in which we are using left shift and right shift for the exact same purpose. I use a macBook, she uses a laptop with windows. when I run the experiment it runs correctly (distinguishing left from right shift keys) but when she runs the experiment in her computer she is running into the exact same problem: both shift keys are recognized as left shift.

This issue is certainly a nuisance which can potentially cause critical problems for collecting data online or in different computers.