Psychopy minimum system requirements - core i3


I was planning on purchasing some testing laptops to run psychopy experiments on, opting for the most affordable option. Having a look at psychopy min system requirements I noticed: Intel i5 or i7 CPU. A minimum of two CPU cores is needed.

A potential laptop I identified mounts a core i3 (i3-1005G1). It is dual core, so should be suitable, at least based on core count. But the recommendation above doesn’t list i3s…

So the question is: will laptops with a core i3 run psychopy? Can others confirm?


Nicola Binetti

Those minimum requirements are probably quite old, so I would guess a modern i3 would probably be perfectly fine. The real limitation is on the GPU rather than the CPU - things may go more smoothly for you if the laptop has a discrete graphics card rather than Intel integrated graphics.