Psychopy Manual PDF not downloadable

Hi everyone

I am trying to download the psychopy manual from the documentation webpage:

However, the pdf is not accessible and an error is called.

Does anyone have the manual or know where else I could get access to it?

Thanks in advance,

Hi There,

Thanks for highlighting that we will fix. I highly suspect that manual will be outdated at the moment however. So I would recommend checking out the resources page and workshop materials for guides.

Hope this helps!

Hi @Becca,

Unfortunately, the Psychopy Manual is still not available for download.
Here are the error terms I get on edge, firefox, and chrome:

Firefox, error from console:

Chrome, error that pops up:

Edge, error that pops up:

Hi Tim,

I suspect that this is an Latex error in the pipeline. Also I still think this will be outdated (sorry we really do need to work on it!).

If you’re looking for something downloadable perhaps this might be helpful which is a pdf of the most recent 3 day workshop materials.

Sorry I hadn’t had the time I wanted to sort this just yet but its on the radar!

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I come baring good news! the link now works (thanks to @jon !) - we might need to do some updating but here it is!

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Awesome! Thank you Becca and Jon! I really appreciate it!