PsychoPy keeping property changes even when reverting back to original settings

Hello everyone,

I wonder if someone can help. I’m trying to create a quite simple experiment that I can run online. It involves presenting a list of words one at a time. For each word a rating needs to be made on a 1-7 scale. Both the word and rating scale stay on screen until a resopnse is made. I used the basic idea from one of the demos that came with PsychoPy to do this.

I can get a basic trial working without an issue. However, whenever I play with the properties of anything in PsychoPy it seems to keep those settings even if I remove them and resort back to the original settings. I’ve experienced this both with changing colour and now with “scale description”. I tested this feature to see what it did but decided I didn’t need to use it so deleted the information from the scale properties, saved the experiment, hit the compile script button, but the features still remain (which I don’t want) - i.e. it shows the scale number and asks for you to click on the button (this info wasn’t there before I played with the settings).

I’m a bit confused by this because in most graphical interfaces I’ve used (Eprime, Open Sesame) playing with the settings doesn’t make a permanent irreversible change to the experiment. You can easily test out different features to get the desired effect. It seems like I’m missing something quite basic here.

I’ve started from scratch a few times but that is quite time consuming and far from ideal approach.

Any suggestions gratefully received.


OS Win 10
PsychoPy 1.3 - I tried the later version but didn’t like it and went back to the older version.

Apologies, I figured it out. Something was checked that should have been. It has resolved the issue I had with the rating scale.

The colour issue I couldn’t resolve, so decided not to play around with that for the time being.