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Psychopy just stopped working and then would not boot up

Psychopy just stopped working and then would not boot up. Im running Windows 7 upgraded to Windows 10. It happened after I installed PyCharm, Also I was looking to see the iohub demo. I was doing a lot of stuff at the same time.

It has crashed before and the solution was found by deleting content on .cfg files as it says here:

Then I followed the other instructions to get an error code in the cmd window. And here it is.
Please, help?


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You messed up the quotation marks. You missed one at the very beginning and another one at the very end of that command line…

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Also, the PsychoPy-VERSION-py2.6 part looks weird to me, but I don’t have a standalone install here to verify. What are you even trying to do here on the command line?

Edit Ah okay, I should read better. Okay. So if you try to start PsychoPy, do you get an icon in the task bar?

Don’t worry. Is that I did it in a hurry and did not notice the details.

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So, is it working now? :slight_smile:

Here are a few errors that I got when oppening up the modules. I am not sure what I am doing. I am just trying to follow what it says on the troubleshooting page.

Okay, let’s back up here :wink: What exactly happens if you try to start PsychoPy by clicking on the program icon?

The Tip of the Day opens up and when I hover the mouse over the icon I can see as if the program started but when I click it nothing appears.

What about the tip of the day dialog box, is it responsive, at all?

Yes. It responds like it has done the past few days. The other time this happened I was also looking at the demos.

Okay, and once you close the tip of the day dialog – what happens? There’s not PsychoPy window visible? Do you see a PsychoPy icon in the task bar?

Well yeah. I have the icon pinned to the task bar. Should I try to re-install it yet?

Reinstalling wouldn’t help, I’m afraid. Could you try these tips please?

Good luck!

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Yeah! :slight_smile: It helped!! I just pushed the show open windows in the task bar (as it says on the last messagge) and then a half window of the upper part of the coder view appeared. Enough to expand or minimize the window. I opened the coder view then went on to builder view, ran the experiment and it all went as usual (good).

Thank you a lot!


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Great! Did you, by any chance, use this computer in a dual-monitor setup before this problem occurred? Or had it hooked up to a screen with a much higher resolution than the current one?

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Yes. It has been hooked to a 1080p 43 inch tv monitor (not a smart tv). But other than that no.

Thanks, this may help us track down the problem.

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