PsychoPy in Singularity container

Following up on my comment and @jon’s reply in another thread about PsychoPy in Docker, I’ve tried my luck with Singularity containers. My initial impression is that it requires less effort and fewer tricks than Docker to make it work (basic functionality, at least), and that a “ready-to-go environment with PsychoPy and dependencies” (as @jon put it) might actually be possible.

Check out my repo on Github.

So far I’ve only tested a very limited number of things, like visual and audio stimuli in script, visual stimuli coder demos. Most things seem to work. The issues that I’ve encountered are not related to not having access to drivers/devices, rather problems like the filesystem being read-only by default and alike. A lot more testing is required, though.

I use PP exclusively on Windows and I’m doing this purely for fun, therefore, this project is mostly going to be fueled by input from the community - if there’s information & interest, I’ll do my best to contribute.