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Psychopy has a slow refresh rate

Psychopy has a slow refresh rate if components are set to “refresh every frame”. Alright, so this problem seems to have emerged from a month ago or so. I’ve started having issues with movie loading (still have), where small videos (~400kb) take 3-4 seconds to load every trial.

Now another issue has showed up. I’ve noticed that before I could do something like if frameN > 60: do something. I can do this now, but if I have components in that routine refreshing every frame, frameN is counted slowly. To test this i did print(frameN) in the “each frame” part of the code chunk and if I have no component in that routine in “set every frame” I get 60 prints (from 1-60) every second in the output (as it should be). However, if I have 1 component to “set every frame” (in this case an image object for instance) i get only 5 or 6 prints (1-6) every second. It looks like, having to refresh every image each frame makes Psychopy slow.

If i print (t) every frame, I get the time. But, as with the case above, I only get 5/6 prints with the time (separated by between 200ms-400ms) each frame. This makes it impossible to correctly time changes mid trial. Any feedback would be very appreciated.