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Psychopy EGI interaction not working

Hello everybody,

I’m trying to connect the computer that will run the Psychopy experiment with an EGI computer that runs Net Station Acquisition. Right now I am trying to connect both computer using a Ethernet cable (with a switch in between). The setup is the following:

I’ve installed the egi package using the following link: egi (pynetstation) — PsychoPy v2021.2

And I am currently trying the following tests:

But when I run this code I get the following error message:

(translated: Timeouterror: a connection attempt has failed because the connected party has not answered correcly after a certain time, or the connection mase failed because the connected host has not answered)

Does anybody have any experience with this? Do I need to change some settings on one or both computers with regard to ethernet connection before this can work? I think the psychopy computer (windows) finds the EGI computer, as can be seen in the following image, but I’m not sure about this:


Thanks in advance!

It should be noted that I am trying to run this with python 3. I’ve found the following post: Pynetstation (egi) with python 3

which said it does not work with python 3 yet. I’ve changed some lines of code in the files until I got no errors anymore regarding import errors and so on. I’ll try to install python 2 and see if this works.