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Psychopy Automatically crashes without giving error report (35.4 KB)
In my task, I am trying to record participant’s voice response when they see certain faces. I am using the microphone component and this is leading to the task automatically stopping after some number of trials (trial number is not fixed, once it happened after 7 trials and other time it happened after 3 trials). Moreover, this is happening only for the actual trials and not during the practice block.

In my preferences setting, I have chosen pyo as the audio library, [‘Primary Sound’, ‘ASIO’, ‘Audigy’, ] as audio drivers, default option for audio device. I am using the Microphone Array Realtek Audio Default Device as my recording device (this is already installed in my laptop).

Enclosed is the .py script that I am using, hope someone can help me debug this issue.


Some things I would try doing is:

  1. running just the demo PsychoPy file to check your microphone is working. You can go to coder view and look for voice capture. See if that works. That could mean your microphone code in your actual exp code can be the issue.

  2. If practice trials worked, but then crashed during actual trials, I think there could potentially be just error in the exp code.

  3. I also had lot of crashing without showing any error when working with audio library. You can try changing the audio library. I also often had trouble using ‘pyo’ and found ‘pygame’ to be errorless in some cases.

Lastly, make sure other programs are turned off, etc. I think sound library/microphone gets easily quit out when bunch of programs are on.

Hope any of this helps :slight_smile:

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