PsychoPy 2020.2.3 is not uploading on Pavlovia

Hello @sotiri sorry for bothering you again. I managed to make the experiment upload on Pavlovia, and it runs fine except, I am not able to type my answers. I am using the latest PsychoPy version that allows for editable textbox.

Editable textbox works fine locally on my computer but not on Pavlovia.

Here is a link to my experiment:

Hey @serena_zadoorian, no bother at all, sorry to hear some problems remain getting your study to run online, I’ll be on this first thing tomorrow, thanks for your patience :blush:

Hey @serena_zadoorian, OK as it happens the TextBox component is non-editable by default. Would it be possible to enable the editable option (just above letter height) as shown below and try again?

If you would rather avoid re-exporting from PsychoPy, you can also set that option programmatically inside of ‘New.js’ as follows:

I hope that helps, please feel free to follow up if you come across any more issues :sun_with_face:

Thank you so much for your reply @sotiri.

This solution worked. It allowed me to type my responses however, 1) whatever I typed for trial 1 stay on the screen for trial 2 and so on and so forth AND 2) the data are not saved in my excel file ( I cannot see the typed responses).

OK that makes sense of course, clear the text box on each trial having stored the data first, I understand, please allow me some time to come up with a fix, thanks

Hey @serena_zadoorian,

As previously mentioned the TextBox component is a work in progress still. While we iterate to address the issues that prevent the online version of your study from running as expected, I have edited my forked ‘New.js’ to behave like you describe: a new TextBox component is created on each trial, at the end of which the typed in value gets saved in the ‘textbox.text’ column.

I hope that’s something you can use for now, here to help if not and again many thanks for your patience :blush:

Hey @sotiri I have the same problem with the text input that remains visible on the next trails.
When I run the experiment offline I can clear the textbox with textbox.text= ‘’ in end of the routine, but I can’t find a solution how to do it online.
Can you help me?

Hey @naton, of course, could you send me a .psyexp or link to your study? Thanks, s.

Hey @sotiri, sorry for the late response. I had some trouble getting the task to run online. All this is still in progress and only a part of the final experiment, but the main parts should work now.

Rechentask.psyexp (45.7 KB)

Thanks a million!

Alright, good to hear, thanks for the .psyexp :sun_with_face:

Oh my bad… its so simple. I forgot to turn the text component of my textbox to set every repeat. No it works just fine. Sorry for the inconvenience.
But if you have an idea how to check the input of the textbox for a right answer in js let me know. I have tried it with if textbox.text.includes(correctAns))… but that doesn’t work.

No problem, is this more or less what you had in mind?

With reference to Rechentask.js#L148, one would need to manually set editable: true on the TextBox element for now. Then please use textbox_3._pixi.text instead of textbox_3.text to obtain the actual input and textbox_3._pixi.text = ''; to clear the input at the end of each routine. My forked .psyexp includes those tweaks inside the Coder.

I hope that helps some, please feel free to follow up if not, s.


Hey @sotiri, sorry for bothering you again. Unfortunately I’m still struggling with the textbox element. The moment I insert the textbox in my main experiment, the experiment fails to start. Strangely enough it works fine online, but not offline. Would you help me with this?

No worries, thanks for the link, I should be able to look into this later today, s.

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You’re absolutely right, just adding TextBox is enough to crash the experiment! Weird :thinking: OK, I should be able to pick this up again in the morning, thanks for your patience :blush:

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Hey @sotiri, have you had the chance to look at it again? Or any advice to solve that in another way?
Thank you for everything

Hey @naton, I gave this to our PsychoPy developers to take a look at and intend to follow up on it during our team’s stand-up meeting in a short while. I should be able to have an answer for you very soon, s.

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@TParsons the issue is likely Builder related if you get a chance to take a look. Thanks, x

Hello @sotiri,

Hope all is well. I was wondering if any solutions were found in regard to saving inputs in the excel file when using the editable textbox?

Thanks in advance

I’m struggling to replicate this, however you can force data saving by adding a Code component with this in End Routine:

thisExp.addData('```textbox name```', ```textbox name```.text)
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