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Program lags on long response latency

I’m running PsychoPy version 1.83.04 on a PC running Windows 7 Pro.

I’m trying to create a paradigm in which a stimulus lasts until the participant choses a response, or until a certain amount of time has passed. The first stimulus is simple text “Press the space bar to continue”, along with keyboard feedback that lasts indefinitely and has “force end routine” enable. During stimulus presentation, the participants view videos of actors emoting. After the stimulus has been present for 2 seconds, the system will accept “1” or “2” as an input to indicate emotional valence. The keyboard response has “force end” enabled and is programmed to terminate and move onto the next trial if the participant does not response for 10 seconds.

When the response is quick (i.e. within 2-3 seconds of stimulus onset) the program works smoothly. If there is a longer latency (>5 sec) the stimulus hangs for several seconds before moving onto the next trial. I thought it might be an issue loading the videos on the fly, but I’m seeing the same behavior for the simple text message. When I hit the bar quickly it works smoothly but if I wait a few seconds it hangs before moving onto the stimuli. Unfortunately, I’m not getting any error messages or other system feedback. Have other users encountered similar problems?


We probably need to see screenshots of the components in your routine(s).

Thank you for the response and apologies for the delayed reply. Here are my components. I should mention that this set up works as it should on Mac OS, but not Windows. Let me know if you need more information.


Here’s the video component. It looks like it didn’t upload correctly on my last reply.

I had almost the exact same problem, though I wasn’t using the builder, instead I was hard coding the program (on Windows 10). I was able to fix the issue but that’s only because of the hardware in my machine. Basically Psychopy wasn’t working well with my computer’s integrated graphics card. Luckily for me my computer had a separate NVIDIA card for gaming. Once I configured my computer to use that card specifically to run Python graphics, and not the integrated card, the problem was solved. If your computer is using an integrated graphics card that could be the issue.

Here is the link to my topic: