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Program does not run because of "UnicodeDecodeError"

Hi all,

One of my student has the following problem: she installed PsychoPy, but when she tries to run the program she get the following error:

Any ideas on how to fix this?
Thank you.

That doesn’t look like the entire error message, right? People will have an easier time helping if we can see the entire message.

Thank you for getting back to me. Yes, the student told me now that the error message was much longer; now she can make it work, so it is solved. Next time I will ask for the full log right away.

Hi @sere and @daniel.riggs1 . I have got similar problem when I tried to run the program. I get the following error:

So can you guide me how to fix it please?

That is not a similar error - could you create a new post with a description of what you are trying to achieve and the code that is raising the syntax error in triple back ticks (that is three ` above and below your code)

should look like this



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Hi @Oli Oliver. I have uploaded the code, so please see attached. I will be waiting your response…

Experiment.psyexp (32.7 KB)