Problem with updating gamma lookup table

I get this error when trying to set the gamma:

OSError: The hardware look-up table function (GetDeviceGammaRamp) failed. If you would like to proceed without look-up table (gamma) changes, you can change your defaultGammaFailPolicy in the application preferences. For more information see

It’s related to a Windows bug which prevents Psychopy from updating the lookup table on the graphics card. However, the link to the Windows bug (from the link provided in the error message) is dead.

I’m running Windows Version 10.0.18363.1854 and the latest version of Psychopy (2021.2.3).

I have a dual monitor setup and only have the problem when trying to run with extended desktop: it works OK when I’m just using a single monitor, however, I’d prefer to be able to use two monitors at once.

Any guidance would be gratefully accepted.