Presenting visual stimuli sound pairs

Hi, I am quite new to psychopy coding and I am tryning to make a simple experimet where pictures from a folder are presented at random, but each with a specific sound stored in a different folder.
At first, I tried to make a dictionary where I paired each picture with a specific sound and then did a for loop and trying to iterate over each value/key pair and play() and draw() them but I was getting stuck with the sound.Sound()component not accepting the dictionary values.

Then, I tried to do task via TrialHandler and imported xlsx sheet with paths to my visual and sound stimuli, but I cannot figure out how to access these files with sounds and pictures reading the xlsx sheet.

Is trial Handler better aproach than the dictionary idea?
If so, how do I link the paths from the excel sheet to the actual image files in a folder and loop over them, while at the same time matching them with specific sounds from a separate sound folder while using the trialHandler and import.Conditions methods?

Thank you for any specific examples!

Is there a specific reason why you are trying to do this in coder?

Are you ever likely to want to run your experiment online?

If you ultimately want to put them online, then unless you are a competent JavaScript programmer, it will probably be quicker to learn Builder and redo them all from scratch.

Do look at my crib sheet.