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Presenting two different stimuli but that are time independent

Hello everyone,

I’ve had a search in the forum, however I am struggling to find guidance on this topic and it may prove useful for some others.

I’m building a visual search task that will alter between two conditions, easy and hard. So far I’ve managed to get the visual search task performing well and I’ve written the majority of the task in code, mainly due to allowing ease of creating the number of distractors. Participants can take as long as needed to respond.

Additionally I’d like to create two additional conditions where participants complete both a visual search task and a tone detection task in the same trial, however, the visual search task generally lasts a 1-2 seconds, where I’d like the tone to play for say 5-6 seconds, and do this say maybe 10-15 times during the overall number of trials, and the participant has to respond whether the tone changes and only when it changes.

I’ve had a go at inserting sound via the builder, however once the visual search task is completed, the sound stops and the next trial starts. Is there a way for the tone to play independent of the visual search task in relation to time? My other alternative idea was to play just a singular tone for the dual task constantly, then every so often the tone changes.

Kind regards,


You should start and stop the tones in code so they don’t automatically stop at the end of your visual search trials.