Presenting text stimuli centrally

URL of experiment: THPN-1-IMG-21-V4 [PsychoPy]

Description of the problem: My experiment is more or less up and running. However, there is one outstanding issue that I have yet to solve. Hopefully someone can help.

I am having to use the beta text box to display word stimuli as I am using the Thai language and I couldn’t get this to display as a variable when using a regular text box (I can display static Thai text using a textbox but not when using a $ to display words from a list).

The main issue now is that I cannot get the words to present perfectly in the centre of the screen i.e. centralised justification. For shorter words, they are displayed fairly centrally but longer words are out of line so you get this shifting around effect when presenting word after word of varying lengths. It just doesn’t look quite right for a word-based experiment. Ideally, they should all be presented in a fixed/centred location.

Current settings (beta text box):
Size: .6,.125
Position: 0, 0.2
Padding: 0.0075
Spatial units: from exp settings
Anchor: top left
Orientation: 0
Verdana font; letter height: 0.075; line spacing: 1.0

I’ve tried playing around with the anchor position but it doesn’t seem to result in an expected outcome e.g. “top centre” displays the text stimulus to the left of centre?

This issue doesn’t arise with regular textboxes so hopefully I can find some suggestions or a solution here as I am committed to using the beta text box for now.

Thank in advance,



anchor refers to the anchoring of the text-box relative to its position on the screen. From the documentation:

What point on the textbox should be anchored to its position? For example, if the position of the TextBox is (0, 0), should the middle of the textbox be in the middle of the screen, should its top left corner be in the middle of the screen, etc.?

Bets wishes Jens