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Presenting randomly selected images for a second time

Hi, I’m trying to take a randomly selected image and present the specific selection for a second time, and getEarlier() seemed like an effective way to do that. Where should getEarlier be used, and what other code should be written around it? Is it an appropriate tool for what I’m trying to do?
3_28_20 counterbalance routine

The above design selects a single image randomly from one of two sets before presenting a Likert scale, looping, and randomly selecting an image from the remaining set.

  • Loop “chooseblock” has a conditions file with filepaths for separate spreadsheets of images.
  • Loop “input_from_chooseblock” randomly selects one of the spreadsheets listed in the conditions file when looping for a counterbalancing effect.
  • The code for the selection of a single image is if input_from_chooseblock.thisN == 0: input_from_chooseblock.finished = True in a code element within “scalerate.”
  • “trial” just has a fixation cross and an image with the source “imgs”, the name of the image variable in the spreadsheets listed in the conditions file.

With this in mind, what would be the best way to take one or both of the randomly selected images from this routine and have them appear again?