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Pre-loading images

Greetings - I am trying to pre-load images using the Static option in PsychoPy Builder. The structure of my trial is Fixation 1 - Cue - Fixation 2 - Image. These are all separate routines, rather than four events within the same routine. I would like both the Cue and the Image to pre-load during each preceding Fixation. When I insert the Static ISI for each fixation and tell the image to load during the respective ISI, the program won’t run. It does not give an error code, it just doesn’t run. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

That is pretty unusual (i.e. not running, and no error message). Can you verify that the experiment will run if you take out any references to pre-loading the images during an ISI? i.e. get the experiment running without the optimisation, and then we can take it one step at a time from there.

Yes, it does run if the Static option is taken out. Images load fine, and the experiment runs, but there is a slight inconstancy in the loading timing, so it would be great if the images could load during the ISI.

Yes, preloading images is still definitely a good idea, but we just needed to isolate the problem.

Perhaps it would be best if you upload your Builder .psyexp file here, with the images set to load during their respective static periods.

Thanks Michael. I am trying to upload the experiment, but getting the following message: “Sorry, new users can not upload attachments.”

Are you still experiencing trouble with the upload functionality?

I uploaded the task and the images about five days ago, but there was no response, so I removed them. Shall I upload them again?

Sometimes it can take a while to get a response, therefore I would suggest: yes, do give it another try and upload the files again :slight_smile: Good luck!

Hi, all:

Was a solution ever offered for this? I’m experiencing the same problem with isi, v1.84.2 on mac os 10.11.6.


In the past, there have been issues with ISIs that get renamed in the Builder interface but still leave ghostly remains of the former name hidden, which can cause problems. Perhaps try posting your Builder .psyexp file here for people to examine.