Possible to have stimulus be a large scrollable image?

I would like to run a study where I have users scroll down to click a target in an image (that I have already created). I want the images to be the width of the screen, and I want users to scroll down like you would on a website or word doc.

Is it possible to enable scrolling? If not using the GUI, then with code?

Thanks for your help!!!

Hi @Pavlov101, yes, you can use the mouse method getWheelRel - see docs to set the Y position of your image, or shape. Add a code component, and in the Each Frame tab:

# Each Frame
newY = (mouse.getWheelRel()[1] / 100)
polygon.pos += (0, newY)  # where polygon is your shape

Here is an example
mouseWheel.psyexp (6.8 KB)

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Awesome! Thank you so much for your help!!!

If anyone is trying to get this working online, the auto py > js translation doesn’t work (at least on v2020.2.2).

A more ‘spelled out’ version does work though-- add this in Every Frame for JS:

oldY = polygon.pos[1];
deltaY = (mouse.getWheelRel()[1] * 3);
newY = (oldY + deltaY);
polygon.pos = [0, newY];

I found that while dividing by 100 locally produced a scroll at a reasonable speed, online it barely moved, and I get a more reasonable online scroll-speed multiplying by 3 instead.