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Positioning stimulus: Polygon on top of another Polygon

Hello everyone!

Do you have any idea how to position one polygon stimulus on top of the other. for example: Red square on top of blue square. The sizes of squares may vary. I tried doing by changing the position (x,y) but then it does not work when the size of the shapes changes.

Thank you!

Hi @Parnika, what do you mean, that it does not work?

Hi David,
So, for example Polygon1 size is 4 and its on top of Polygon2 with size 5 position (0.2,0.2). Now, everytime the polygon size changes, there will be either some space in between Poly1 and Poly2 or they will overlap as the position remains same on every repeat.
I hope it is clear. Let me know if not, I can add some screenshots.
Thank you!

Sorry, still not quite sure what the problem is. Are you saying that when the polygon changes size, they move and are out of position?