Polygons change color with a flash - how to remove it?

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Description of the problem:
During the trial, the polygons are white while the sound is played (“trial” routine). Then, they turn green (“trial_2” routine). In PsychoPy, this switch is smooth, but in Pavlovia it seems as if they flash white briefly before turning green. Is there a way I can remove the flashing?

I tried updating colors with code at the end of the “trial” routine, at the beginning of the “trial_2” routine, event.clearEvents() at the beginning of the “trial_2” routine, but it still flashes.

Unrelated question: is it possible for Pavlovia to find out the screen resolution of the participant and adjust the image size accordingly? Or is this information not available? The participants are schoolkids, so I would not ask them to type that information in.

I would be grateful for your help!

Hello Mary_N

does the problem go anyway when you put everything in one routine?

Best wishes Jens

Thanks for your reply! I am not sure how to do that - I do not have too much experience with PsychoPy. It would mean changing colors of the buttons when the sound ends and them inverting colors when the mouse hovers over them only when the sound is over. Would it be possible to program it in such way? I would be grateful for your help.

Hello Mary_N

I assumed that you might have introduced a slight gap by spreading everything in two routines.

See here for your question concerning the screen resolution.

Best wishes Jens

Do you currently set the colour Each Frame in the component? If so, I would recommend also setting it in code in Begin Routine. Otherwise it may be the old colour for frame zero