Polygon size and location undefined

URL: garsinis [PsychoPy]
Hello, I synced my experiment (works perfect offline), but the location and size of polygons seems to be messed up. I defined the locations and colors of polygons in an excel sheet. I’ve looked to the output file of the online experiment, the color columns were in the file with proper values in them, there were location columns too, but they were empty. The locations were written as following: [1, 1], and defined in degrees. The sizes seemed to be messed up too (I’ve created a query previously but didn’t get any valuable responses: Polygon size changes after syncing - #2 by mykolas_gudaitis). What could be the problem?

Hey, sorry to keep you waiting!

Degrees don’t really make sense online (since you don’t have control over the screen size and viewing distance of your participant), so they haven’t been implemented properly. Pixel and height units do work. I you would like to exercise more control over the size of the stimuli, see Wakefield’s Crib Sheet for a calibration method. PsychoPy Python to Javascript crib sheet - Google Docs

Best, Thomas