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Please help me to design n-back task, thank you

OS (Win 7):
PsychoPy version ( 1.84.x):

I’m trying to build the n-back task.
I’m finding it difficult to construct the paradigm. I’m not sure how to construct specifically in routine or i need to do using loops or Psychopy coding.

Specifically not able to define the the correct answer and inserting loop with defined variables in the spreadsheet.

There are a few previous posts here:

For us to help you, we need some specific issues to deal with. Can you try implementing a schemings like the ones suggested, and then come back to us with specific questions (if still necessary)?

I’m using Psychopy version 1.83 and I’m new to Psychopy. I’m thinking to design n-back task from n=2 to n=7 (as a level gradation ) using pictures as the stimuli in the builder-view. Need to record the responses with respect to reaction time and accuracy.

Any suggestions?? Thanks in advance.