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Play sound at key press

Hey all
I’m quite new to Psychopy and trying to do the following in my experiment:

It’s a dot motion task with 2 enabled response keys (left and right) where I want
- sound A played when the LEFT key is pressed
- and a randomly chosen sound A, B, C or D played when the RIGHT key is pressed

(the sounds are unrelated to whether the key response is correct)

Currently, I’ve implemented this in Psychopy builder with a code component which looks like this:

  • at the begin of my routine :

a_sound = sound.Sound(u’A’, secs=0.5)
b_sound = sound.Sound(u’B’, secs=0.5)
c_sound = sound.Sound(u’C’, secs=0.5)
d_sound = sound.Sound(u’D’, secs=0.5)

  • and at each frame I’ve got this:

response = event.getKeys(keyList=[‘left’,‘right’])

if ‘left’ in response:
elif ‘right’ in response:

Two problems emerge when I try to run this:

  • the left key sound only occurs after a double left key press instead of just one
  • the randomiser function does not seem to work at all (experiment shuts down after right key press)

Any suggestions of what I’m doing wrong / or how to implement the same thing in another way? Really any help would be much appreciated!

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Not an expert. Just wondering, if you import numpy as np at your begin routine?

If that indeed was the problem, you should also use ‘np.random.choice(RandList)’, where ‘RandList’ is a list of sounds that you want to be played randomly.