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Play a saved movie with PsychoPy


I have recently created a stimulus that is a 3D animation. As I have to run this stim on a slow computer, I decided to save the frames into a movie and then play the movie.

I have found the PsychoPy functions to get ( win.getMovieFrame() ) and save the frames (win.saveMovieFrames), but I fail to find a function to play the movie. I have found visual.MovieStim(myWin, 'frame.mp4', flipVert=False), but there is a bug that has been previously discussed here, and it seems that this function is no longer supported. What would be the alternative?

Thanks very much for your help!

Did the movie save correctly? If so then playing it with MovieStim3 rather than MovieStim is probably the right option (as in the demos and the Builder outputs)

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Thanks for your reply!
The movie seems to save correctly. Where can I fin the MovieStim3 demo? I only found the previous version in the documentation.

@jon I have only found and in the demos on Github

Ah, yes, but the code in the demo for MovieStim actually uses MovieStim3, which is by far the better option

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