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Pavlovia Key recording

Dear all,

We have a offline experiment where subjects’ key presses are recorded. And the data are automatically saved to an output file (We used the build-in component from the builder) However, we did not find the key press data in the exported HTML online version.

It seems the exported HTML experiment on Pavolvia does not automatically translate the key recording component from psychopy builder. Do we need to add a custom code component to do that? (If so, how should we do that? )

Thanks in advance!

Best Regards,

Hi @katsuragiai, we have had an issue with response devices not saving data in lists, for example, saving “all keys” from a keyboard. We raised an issue and Alain has fixed the problem, which should now be working in 3.0.5, see the link below. If there is something else happening, e.g., you are using event.getKeys and saving your own data, then perhaps it is a coding issue.