Pavlovia error help me please

Description of the problem:

I made an experiment where I got a score on the picture with a builder.

After syncing the program to Pavlovia, the pilot was executed.

However, there was a problem called ‘Unspecified JavaScript error’.

I checked the console.
window.onerror @ core-2020.2.js:1846
FATAL unknown | null
BrowserConsoleAppender.append @ log4javascript.min.js:1’
An error has appeared.

Tell me exactly what the problem is.

Thank you.

I have the same issue right now. Anyone have experience with this?

After going through all of my components, I was able to resolve this incredibly nondescript error.

The issue was that one of my text components’ text size was set to a decimal, when it needs to be >= 1 due to my experiment units being set to ‘pix.’ Perhaps the error you’re experiencing is something similar, @EunHei ?

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Same issue here. It’s frustrating because the error doesn’t tell you anything (i.e me, someone with 0 coding experience). I suppose the error has to do with the experiment settings then?

I am even getting this error when I only try to present the welcome and end screen (everything else in a loop with 0 reps), both of which always used to work just fine. I checked all of my text components.

if anyone would like to help, here’s the link: Pavlovia

Ok i actually managed to fix my issue by debugging locally (which provides you with more detailed information when errors occur). In my case, I made a silly copy/paste error where i didn’t change the copied code properly :roll_eyes:

Hi Sabinasaurus,

I too have been stumbling my way through this sort of thing. I currently have a problem where my version of chrome won’t run my experiment (and returns the unspecified error) but it will run on a different machine. I’m intrigued to try debugging locally to try and see if I can fix my issue - can you give me a brief pointer as to how you debug locally?

Well what I meant is that I just run the experiment in builder. So not via pavlovia, but on your own machine. Not sure if that would fix your issue, but it’s worth a shot! Best of luck!

Ok thanks.

The other thing that may cause this error (as I have just discovered) is having the wrong version listed in experiment settings. I hope this helps!


To clarify: when I want to run the experiment locally, I must select 2.10 as the version. When I want to run it online, 3.24 is required. It took me some time to figure this out, and it drove me mad!

My crib sheet (see pinned post in online ) has some examples of causes of the unspecified JavaScript error

The crib sheet has been an experiment saver yet again. I was having issues across different browsers and your suggestion worked!

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