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Pause moviestim3 to collect responses

If this template helps then use it. If not then just delete and start from scratch.

PsychoPy version Psychopy 3.1
Standard Standalone? Yes
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Hello! I’m brand new to psychopy, but am reassured by the generosity of this site.

I have an experiment in which participants will watch 4 different videos (out of a possible 16). I am trying to automatically pause the videos every minute to collect responses (3 Likert scales and a text response). My current work-around is to manually split the videos into one minute clips and then pull them in using a .xlsx with each clip name as a condition in a loop with a routine for the responses. However, this workaround is interfering my ability to randomly draw videos. If anyone has found a way to auto-pause a movie stimulus in order to collect responses and then manually unpause it, any insight would be much appreciated!

Thank you!

Your current solution of breaking up the videos into separate clips is probably the easiest way, to be honest.

I’d suggest an arrangement where you have two loops. The outer one is linked to your conditions file, and you just need a single video filename column. Then insert a second loop inside that, surrounding the routine that plays the video and the one that gathers the rating. This inner loop is not connected to a conditions file, but just has an nReps number that matches the number of portions the videos is split into

e.g. let’s say you are splitting each video into three clips, them name them things like:

# etc

etc. Then in the conditions file, the video filename column would just contain:

# etc

Then in the video component video field, put in an expression like this:

$video_file + str(inner_loop_name.thisN) + '.mp4'

So if the randomly selected video file value for this trial was, say video_F_, then the first clip played would be video_F_0.mp4, the second would be video_F_1.mp4, and so on for each iteration of the inner loop.

Clear as mud?

Apologies for the delay, but I wanted to say thank you! This worked like a charm!!