Passing variable from Pavlovia to Qualtrics

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I’m trying to pass a variable (‘totalScore’) from my Pavlovia experiment to qualtrics.
I’ve followed this forum post: Passing variable from PsychoJS/Pavlovia to Qualtrics? (Not participant ID)

However, I’m not seeing the variable come through in qualtrics. Do I need to set embedded data in the survey flow?

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After reading this post: Can I pass a list from Pavlovia to Qualtrics via URL?
I’ve changed my approach and I’m going to try using PsychoJS.setRedirectUrls.

In the first routine of my experiment. I have the following in my Begin Experiment tab:

weblink = "";

Then, in the final routine of my experiment, I have this in the ‘Begin Routine’ tab:

weblink += ("?score=" + totalScore.toString());
psychoJS.setRedirectUrls(weblink, "");

I’m hoping that this should redirect them to the survey with the totalScore variable if they’ve completed the experiment.

Do I need to do anything extra in qualtrics to ensure that the variable is correctly saved and appears in my qualtrics csv file?

Thank you!

If you can see it in the URL that calls Qualtrics then you can access it by setting it as an embedded variable in the survey flow.

If you aren’t sure if the URL is working, then you can paste it here (disguising the Qualtrics survey ID if you prefer).

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Amazing, that all works now! Thank you for your help!