Pass the name of my slider as an argument to this slider function

Hi, I used a builder to create a slider, and added a code component to make sure subjects can only interact with the slider by dragging the button. I place this function at the start of routine and it works fine. But I can’t find a way to pass an argument to the slider function, so I don’t have to write a different function for a slider that has different names. When I put the following code in routine tab, nothing changes to my slider. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Begin Experiment

def dragOnly(slider):
click = bool(slider.mouse.getPressed()[0])
xy = slider.mouse.getPos()

if click:
    # Update current but don't set Rating (mouse is still down)
    # Dragging has to start inside a "valid" area (i.e., on the
    # slider), but may continue even if the mouse moves away from
    # the slider, as long as the mouse button is not released.
    if (slider.validArea.contains(slider.mouse, units=slider.units) and slider.markerPos is None):
        slider.markerPos = slider._posToRating(xy)  # updates marker
        slider._dragging = True
    elif (slider.marker.contains(slider.mouse, units=slider.units) or
        slider.markerPos = slider._posToRating(xy)  # updates marker
        slider._dragging = True
else:  # mouse is up - check if it *just* came up
    if slider._dragging:
        slider._dragging = False
        if slider.markerPos is not None:
        return slider.markerPos
        # is up and was already up - move along
        return None

slider._mouseStateXY = xy

Override slider method

def call_slider():
return dragOnly(slider_test)
slider_test.getMouseResponses = call_slider