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Parelle Port Out Component at Builder View for EEG Experiment

PsychoPy version 2020.1.3

Hello everyone, I am new to Psychopy and would like to send triggers from the Psychopy experiments to an EEG device during EEG recordings. The two paradigms would be a GO/NOGO task (in which 2 types of stimuli appears and 2 different responses are expected) and a Picture memory task (in which there will be phrases of stimulus presentation, followed by a period of time without stimulus for subjects to memorise the pictures).

To make it simple, I wonder if I could avoid using code to send triggers. Will there be any detailed instruction on adding the Parallel Out Components at the right panel? For example, the section to be added and the parameters, as well as the subsequent procedures.

Here I attach the code of stimulus for the GO/NOGO task as well as the parallel port out components properties. I have followed the instruction from Psychopy to edit the start data to be $ID (ID is the column of the condition in the excel). Please let me know if anything else is missed. Thank you so much.

Hi - I’m not too familiar with using the Builder to setup parallel ports, but I can try to help. What issues are you running into when you set up the parallel port out like this?