Parallel port - trigger code on .setPin()

Hi there,

I’m writing for some help with coding the trigger number from the excel list. We are currently working on merging the EEG Brain Products system with the device connected to it via a parallel port.
The procedure looks like that:

  • trigger from the list is assigned to visual stimuli
  • next trigger is assigned to the device which is providing tactile stimulation.

The problem is that when I’m setting port.setData(trigger_from_list) the device is also on, but it shouldn’t be. So, I wanted to send the trigger for the visual stimulus to one pin only, because this works. I’ve got it by setting different pins, but I’m still struggling with assigning the trigger number from the excel table. As it is a parallel port, it doesn’t have port.write() function ('ve tried). Does anyone know, how to tell PsychoPy to assign a specific number to chosen pin? The code that I wrote was:

if circle_tac.status == STARTED and not mark2Sent:
port.setPin(4,1) == port.setData(int(EEG_code))
pulse_start_time = globalClock.getTime()
mark2Sent = True

if mark2Sent and not mark2Terminated:
if globalClock.getTime() - pulse_start_time >= 0.01:
mark2Terminated = True

I’ve also written several adjustments, but they were not working as well. Could some of you enlighten me how to fix that?