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Pac-man outline

I managed to create a pac-man which can rotate in any direction by using the following code component (and modifying “ori”):

circle_size = 1
wedge = visual.RadialStim(win, tex=‘None’, color=-1, units=‘deg’, size=[circle_size, circle_size],
angularRes=360, visibleWedge=[0, 270], interpolate=False,
autoLog=False, ori=90)

Is there a way to show only the outline of this pac-man? Nothing inside, just the contour


Oddly enough, @mdc has recently added a pie stimulus to PsychoPy that more directly achieves what you want. I’m not sure that it has been included in the latest releases of PsychoPy yet, but if not you could grab the code from here:

and pop that file inside your PsychoPy installation to get access to it now.

Thank you so much! Problem solved