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Outputting audio/video movie in linux?

I’ve created a lovely behavioral paradigm that I’m very proud of and would like to show in a presentation. It contains music, voices, and visual animations. I would like to ‘record’ the experiment to a movie file. I have read about using:

win.saveMovieFrames(fileName='some file.mp4')

but, I am using linux and pymedia seems too old to expect to install on my OS (Ubuntu 14.04 LTS 32-bit). I’ve considered simply exporting each frame to .png and then creating movie using ffmpeg, but then I lose my audio component.

I am willing to accept that this isn’t possible, but I thought I’d check with the gurus before giving up. Any suggestions are appreciated.

.getMovieFrame() only saves visual information, so you were never going to get any audio information this way anyway.

So yes, perhaps easiest just to save to .png and add a soundtrack separately after you’ve pulled those images together into a movie file.

Got it. Thanks much for the helpful response!

FYI- I ended up using RecordMyDesktop, which seems to work quite well. Things are slowed down a bit, but I think it will be enough to get the point across.