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Open source cognitive (web) experiments preferably with the coder


Do you know which open source projects there are for psychopy experiments?
We fould:

We are most interested in tests for in an order of decreasing importance: spacial working memory such as Automatic Working Memory Assessment, attention such as d2 Test of Attention, spatial analytics such as Weschler intelligence test, planning such as Tower of London, fluid intelligence such as Raven´s colored progressive matrices, cognitive flexibility such as Wisconsin card sorting and math such as TIMSS
Do you know about an implementation of these or related tests?
If you are working on creating one then it would be very interesting to connect.

Thank you so much for great work

You want them to be web experiments, preferably in coder? Almost nobody is writing pure JS code, which is what that would require. For web experiments I very strongly recommend Builder

Thank you Jon.
It would be optimal if there already exist implementations of these or related cognitive tests that we could start testing our subjects with (open source code for the type of cognitive tests we mentioned or related ones).
Web experiments would also be optimal.
We could write in JS code and would optimally prefer coder to Builder because we think that while the Builder is easy to use, one can have a more precise control over the experiments with the coder. The Builder is, however, also a possibility.
Do you know about ready made tests of this kind?

Some of the tests you mention will be encumbered by pretty strong copyright protection so I’d investigate the licensing provisions for each first before wasting time trying to find someone who is risking a law suit by making them freely available.

Do I agree with the restrictions on so many neuropsychological test instruments that prioritise commercial gain over scientific reproducibility and community benefit? No, I most certainly do not.

Thank you Michael,

Yes, that is indeed a concern. Essentially we are interested in being able to track the level of the above mentioned cognitive abilities by giving our subjects computerized tests at regular intervals.
These tests were mentioned as examples since they are well known. If there are other better available tests that have been implemented then that would be great. Also possibly if an IQ test has been implemented, then certain parts there, e.g. visual spatial ones, should overlap with these cognitive abilities.
Do you know about possible implementation candidates that we could look closer at?
Optimally we are interested in tests that are designed for the younger age groups.

Thank you for your time and patience