Online experiment does not display the whole string, but only the first letter of the string

URL of the experiment:
The psychopy experiment file: untitled.psyexp (12.6 KB)
Description of the problem: builder loop - “selected rows” error for the online version.
I have built an experiment with builder without any code component, hoping that it will work online on pavlovia. here is the idea of the experiment and it is currently working fine offline on psychopy.
basically, the first message in a block will tell participants what to do for that particular block. (inner body means to have them pay attention to the subsequent inner body part, like meditation)

While the experiment works perfectly on psychopy offline, it will only display the first letter of the first message online (‘i’ in ‘inner body’ is shown instead of the entire word). however, for the subsequent words they work normally. I think this is because for the first message, I have the ‘selected rows’ to be 0, which resulted in some translation error somewhere? (not quite sure)
but for the subsequent messages, the ‘selected rows’ is 1:6 and they work fine:

It seems like the ‘selected rows’ does not like a single digit number, rather it prefers a series of them like 1:6.

my excel is structured like this

How do I get around this problem and have the online experiment display the entire word instead of just the first letter?

Thank you!! I am a graduate student struggling to get the experiment to work :grimacing:


Hi Ben,

I am having the same issue with an experiment and have not been able to solve it so far. Have you found a solution by now that you could maybe share? That would help me a lot!


To select a single row (e.g. x in your spreadsheet) write x-1:x so 0:1 selects the first row (instead of the single digit 0 that you can use offline).

Thank you very much, it works perfectly now!