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Online expeiments: Start in Python and convert to Javascript? or write in Javascript?

Description of the problem: Hi, Due to the current crisis I have had to make some changes to my PhD. I had designed a VR maze to look at threat responses using Unity and C#. As I can no longer test face to face I want to design a more basic 2D environment and host it online (think pacman). I think PsychoPy seems like the best platform for me but was hoping to get some advice. I have a basic grasp of both Python and Javascript already but will have to build on this to get the right behaviours, which will involve a lot of code. Should I write in Python and then use the converter to get it in Javascript? Or just start in javascript to avoid conversion issues I have seen in the forums? I only want to collect data online.


I really really recommend to everyone (whether or not they can code) creating your study as far as possible in Builder. When you do need to add in code components (snippets within the Builder environment) those can to a fair extent be autotranslated from Python to JS (not the other way). If you’re certain that you only need to collect the data online then yes, I suppose you could write the Code Component directly in JS rather than autotranslated, btu I’d still recommend you do as much with the graphical interface as possible.

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Thanks for the speedy reply and advice Jon