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Online BART task stopped working

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem:

I’ve been working with the above version of the BART task. It has been working fine online for a few months, however, since the recent update, the task has stopped working. The balloon tends to flicker on screen and around the 9th balloon if the image is pumped up to the max, the game stops working (the screen freezes or sometimes goes completely black).

At first I thought it was because it was running on a previous JSlibrary but despite updating to the most recent Psychopy, the problem has persisted.

Sorry, I’m not sure what the problem is exactly and would appreciated any assistance/advice offered.

I just tried running your version and it seems to work fine on my machine. I pumped every balloon to the max (past the 10th balloon) and didn’t see an issue.
What browser and computer are you using?

Ah, it might be the browser. The task blacks out when opened with Chrome regardless of the make of computer. On firefox (with an acer laptop) it does work but tends to freeze on the very last trials.

Would you have any suggestions on how to get around this???

Thanks for your input!!