Old experiment not parsing variables and no help topic

We had a working experiement in 1.85.2 but when we try to run it in v2021.2.3 I get the following error message:

“Alert 4052: Experiment was built in a past version of PsychoPy (1.85.2), saving it in this version may add parameters which cannot be parsed. For more info see https://docs.psychopy.org/alerts/4052.html

The link brings up 404 and there doesn’t appear to be that error code on the PsychoPy error code page.

The experiemnt runs fine however the text on the screen litterally displays the whole text:
‘Your score this round is: $%0.0f’ %Score
The same is true for another variable RT, with the same result.
Any info would be appreciated.


do you use a text-component to display the score? This is according to the manual valid code:

msg = "You got %i trials correct (rt=%.2f)" %(nCorr,meanRt)

Create your msg in a code-component preceding the text-component. And then refer to msg in a text-component with $msg as text.

Best wishes Jens

Hi Jens,

Yes that was exactly the problem and it works again. Thank you!