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Oddball paradigm for a BCI interface

I have to develop a simple oddball paradigm with 7 visual stimuli (7 words displayed in the screen) and with the correspondent auditory of that word. The goal is to receive the information from matlab (where all the code for the BCI interface is) and give the feedback to the patient. Is it possible to do with the builder? Or do you have any codes available with oddball paradigms so I can check (I never programed in python).
Thank you very much

You can probably create your oddball task using little to no programming (using the graphical Builder view). It is the interfacing with MATLAB that will likely require a little bit of custom code. I’d suggest you concentrate on getting your task implemented first, and then add the communication protocol.

See here for a useful general introduction:

There is nothing particularly difficult about an oddball task, but it is difficult to give specific advice without more details of your design & procedure.

Hello Michael thank you very much for your answer, I’m having some dificulties to put together the oddball paradigm even in the builder. I will explain to you what I need (It’s really easy). So basically I have 7 words (air, position, no, thirst, hunger, yes, urinate) -> in the picture it shows how they should be layered (like in a circle:


The goal is receive the codes from matlab, via TCP, and decide which one will change the color and simultaneously say the word (auditory and visual). The temporal diagram of the stimuli of one sequence for each modality. All stimuli have a duration of 450 ms and an interstimulus interval of 100 ms (stimuli onset asynchrony of 550 ms):


Note: right now, I’m not doing the communication with the matlab (because I want to know if this first works before changing the code in the matlab), I’m doing a TCP communication by using a Hercules free app and sending codes like: 010403020705060 → where the 1 should change the color of air, 2 of position, etc.

If you could help me it would mean a lot since I’m not finding much information online, thank you very much fro your time!