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Object-oriented programming examples?

Hi community, I am new to PsychoPy, I have gone through the tutorials, and build very simple screens. I can create basic shapes, position them at desired locations on the screen, and flicker them.

For real work, I am writing on Python codes (not builder, not GUI), to build a data collection software which consists of a series of multiple stimuli at the same time, flickering at a different frequency, at different locations on the screen. I would like to seek your advice on how to organise the codes (in classes and functions) and files (Python) for experiments that have a series of stages, and multiple stimuli types.

I am looking at the object-oriented programming paradigm (or any other styles), so that it is easy to maintain and expand in future. Where stimuli of different types are Python classes and are populated on the screen based on parameters. Anyone has seen good PsychoPy projects on Github (or anywhere else) where its well organised?

Any advice you have would be useful.