nRep response time overwrites previous loops

PsychoPy V2023.2.1

I am a using a ‘loop’ function

loopType: Sequential
nReps: 15

The loop works as expected, however, I noticed that only the response time for the last loop are being saved (it basically over-writes the previous loops)
How can I save all the response times for all the iterations of the loop?

Thank you :))

Have you accidentally unticked “is trials”?

‘isTrial’ should be selected.

Loop settings:

LoopInitiator loopType=“TrialHandler” name=“trial3”

  • Param name=“Selected rows” updates=“None” val=“” valType=“str”/
  • Param name=“conditions” updates=“None” val=“[{‘images’: ‘RND_4.png’, ‘correct’: ‘n’, ‘incorrect1’: ‘x’, ‘incorrect2’: ‘f’, ‘incorrect3’: ‘g’}, {‘images’: ‘RND_3.png’, ‘correct’: ‘g’, ‘incorrect1’: ‘x’, ‘incorrect2’: ‘f’, ‘incorrect3’: ‘n’}, {‘images’: ‘RND_2.png’, ‘correct’: ‘f’, ‘incorrect1’: ‘x’, ‘incorrect2’: ‘g’, ‘incorrect3’: ‘n’}, {‘images’: ‘RND_1.png’, ‘correct’: ‘x’, ‘incorrect1’: ‘f’, ‘incorrect2’: ‘g’, ‘incorrect3’: ‘n’}, {‘images’: ‘RND_2.png’, ‘correct’: ‘f’, ‘incorrect1’: ‘x’, ‘incorrect2’: ‘g’, ‘incorrect3’: ‘n’}, {‘images’: ‘RND_3.png’, ‘correct’: ‘g’, ‘incorrect1’: ‘x’, ‘incorrect2’: ‘f’, ‘incorrect3’: ‘n’}, {‘images’: ‘RND_4.png’, ‘correct’: ‘n’, ‘incorrect1’: ‘x’, ‘incorrect2’: ‘f’, ‘incorrect3’: ‘g’}, {‘images’: ‘RND_1.png’, ‘correct’: ‘x’, ‘incorrect1’: ‘f’, ‘incorrect2’: ‘g’, ‘incorrect3’: ‘n’}]” valType=“str”/
  • Param name=“conditionsFile” updates=“None” val=“$current_file_code” valType=“file”/
  • Param name=“endPoints” updates=“None” val=“[0, 1]” valType=“num”/
  • Param name=“isTrials” updates=“None” val=“True” valType=“bool”/
  • Param name=“loopType” updates=“None” val=“sequential” valType=“str”/
  • Param name=“nReps” updates=“None” val=“15” valType=“num”/
  • Param name=“name” updates=“None” val=“trial3” valType=“code”/
  • Param name=“random seed” updates=“None” val=“” valType=“code”/

I think I found the error.

Under: Keyboard Component > Data > Store, I had selected ‘Last Key’, rather then ‘All Keys’.

I have not tried this solution as I found another way around, but hope this helps.

That should only make a difference if you are trying to save multiple key presses in the same iteration of the same routine.