Not displaying chosen image

To whom this may concern,

I built a simple image selection task in which participants select one of 6 images displayed on the screen.
The image selected should be the correct Answer (as indicated in the instructions). Once chosen, the image appears in the middle of the screen.
The order and placement of the correct images are random.
Is there a way to hide or not show the image once it’s selected?
For instance, the persone chooses the image Top Middle (0, 0.7) and it’s automaticcaly displayed in the Middle (0, 0). Then 6 different images are displayed and the participant clicks on the image in the bottom left and it appears in the middle again.
Is there a way for the selected image do disappear from the series of 6 images once its chosen? As in, I’ll still have 6 displayed images, 5 around the screen and one in the middle.
Thanks in advance.


NB: I’m using the lastest version of psychopy V1 84.2 and windows

Yes, it needs a code component to test a) whether the button has been pressed and b) whether the images contain() the mouse, then another stimulus (e.g. rectangle) with opacity set to 0 or 1 to become visible. I’ll cover this sort of thing in depth at the workshop if you can get there

Dear Jon,

Thank you for your answer. However I found a way around it. I just specified in my Excel sheet the desired position for the polygon and set its filling color to gray.