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Noob question: .rt measurements in the output file

Hi guys, I have a very basic doubt, thank you in advance if anyone can help.

I created a color recognition task entirely using the Builder. The participants must respond via mouse clicks and the program registers their response and reaction time. Everything is running perfectly, but I am not sure if I understood the RTs in the data file (below). For instance, in the first line of the yellow column, does it mean the reaction time is 1 second and 90478… miliseconds?

1.90478… seconds = 1905ms

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Hi! Thank you very much

Hello lusuperbia,
I have a question please, in my output file i have exactly the resp.started is the same than the probeimage.started , i found that is a bit weird, what do you think?

resp.started is when the resp started monitoring for responsesm which was presumably the same time as when the probeimage appeared.

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So as i understand the resp.started is not the exact time when the participant press the button, but it is when monitoring answer is started, right?

If i’m correct, how could i get the exact time where the participant press the button?
and how rt is calculated in Psychopy? it is the time of pressing the button - the time where the image is displayed?

resp.rt is the time the participant pressed the button, measured from when monitoring the answer started.

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Hello, Thank you for your answer :slight_smile:

I have an other question, when i don’t select Sync timing with screen in my builder, my resp.started are quite different, how is computed in this case?

Thank you in advance,

I’m not an expert on this but logically the RT is timed from when the response monitoring starts, not the stimulus.