Non-slip timing pre-v2022.2.0

Hi everyone, I am currently working on an fMRI experiment created using the v2021.2.3 builder (and then substantially edited in the coder). My trials are of known length (green in the builder), so I was trusting this to provide non-slip timing. However, I saw on the release notes for v2022.2.0 that some issues with non-slip timing were fixed in that release, and I was wondering whether this meant that earlier versions could not be relied upon (or if there are timing issues, how large are they)?

For a number of reasons (issues with my M1 Mac and 2022 releases, substantial editing done to code post-builder), I would prefer to keep using the script generated using 2021.2.3, but if the non-slip timing issues are substantial then I will redo with a later version.

Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

Update: Looking at my data output (should have done this from the start) the onset times of my first stimuli in a 16s non-slip routine can be off by up to almost 50ms on certain trials, and as stated in the release notes for 2022.2.0, this is always an undershoot.