Next page button is perceived in first page, when it's not suppose to perceive the next page button

Hi everyone,
My problem: On the first and second pages of my experiment, I have a consent form for participants to read and agree or disagree if they want to continue with the experiment.
On the first page, there is 1 button to continue to the second page, and on the second page, there are 2 buttons to decide if they want to continue or leave the experiment based on what they’ve read on the consent form.
The problem is when they click on the right side of the button on the first page, it comes on top of the second page’s “leave the experiment” button, and the experiment ends as if it clicks on the second page’s leave the experiment button when it shouldn’t.

I think there is an issue with the timing here as I don’t understand how the button on the second page is perceived when the participant is only on the first page.

To make it more clear, I’m adding the screenshots of the two pages I’m talking about:

So as you can see, the button on the first page is at the same location as the leave the experiment button on the right side on the second page, but the issue is, why it perceives it as the second page leave the experiment button is pressed when it isn’t pressed and the participant is not even on the second page yet?

Is it an issue about timing or refresh rate? If anyone has an idea about this problem, I would really appreciate your help!

Hi @Sude, have a look at this: Button component registers clicks from previous routine - #2 by ajus