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New install Need ffmpeg

dear psychopy

have a new install of psychopy and it “wants” ffmpeg.exe

the error message offeres a few options like
import imageio

but all options assume that the system is connected to network.
However, the system in question is not connected to the network.
how would I get and install the module?



NB, please disable the artificial intelligence on the subject line in the forum…

I have read somewhere on the forum that ffmpeg should be included with the installation.

I have installed 3.2.4 and it does not seem to have ffmpeg or there is something wrong with paths.

Could someone comment on this?



after reading a few postings, I realized that ffmpeg should be installed as a part of installation process. Indeed, I have found

C:\Program Files (x86)\PsychoPy3_PY2\Lib\sitepackages\imageio_ffmpeg\binaries>ffmpeg-win32-v4.1.exe

So the question is why am I getting: line 127 get_exe() error that ffmpeg is missing?



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