[New Feature Suggestion] Randomization of stimuli duration


I’m currently using the PsychoPy Builder (2020.1.3) on Windows 8.1 for a visual psychophysical experiment.

When I was designing the experiment I thought it might be benificial if I could randomize the duration of the fixation point - for example, between 500 and 1,200 ms - thus I could reduce the participants’ expecation about when the stimulus will be presented in a given trial, however, it seems that at the moment the PsychoPy Builder only allows me to randomize the positions of stimuli, rathen than durations of them.

I have searched on Google for the solution to this and found some answers on this Forum, for example:
“Question about how to make a fixation cross appear for various durations”
and “Fixed stimulus duration chosen randomly”

Many thanks to all who have contributed to the previous discussions. They’re very helpful.

It seems that you can do the randomization of stimuli dration either in a Routine, or in the PsychoPy Coder environment - and I will try those solutions later myself.

But here I would still like to make a suggestion about this - would you mind considering making this a new feature in an update in future (as this might make some experimental design processes a bit easier)?

Many thanks.

Kind regards,
Pengyuan Wang