Naming web cam files

First, many thanks for the addition of the web cam data collection!!! It is a great addition!

I would like programmatically provide a filename for those webcam files including subject ID, conditions and other info and I plan to do that in the “code” segment.

What is the variable name for the web cam filename?
Perhaps something like: thisTrial[‘webcamfilename’] = myNewFileName

Thanks in advance!

Hi @tlorig, from what I can tell the variable you are looking for is camFilename. However, from the builder, you cannot change the default behavior/naming scheme, which is

camFilename = os.path.join(
    'recording_cam_%s.mp4' % data.utils.getDateStr()

If you want to change it, you will have to modify your script after compiling it from the builder, implementing the naming scheme you need. Hope that helps! Adrian

Thank you, Adrian!!!

Just what I needed!