'multiply' option in overlap images and text


I have an image that overlaps with a text (fixation cross). Offline psychopy works fine as the fixation cross appears over the image. But the online version suffers as the fixation cross does not always over in cases of overlap. Is it possible to force the drawing of text over the image? I do not want to change opacity and win.blendMode will not work - for two reasons - (1) this is not a glDraw kind of call where i can actively control the ordering (2) ‘avg’ and ‘add’ are not the right drawing options. I might need a opengl equivalent of ‘multiply’.

Any other way to achieve the same results as in the offline version?


Did you solve this? If reordering your components doesn’t work you could make an imperceptible change to the fixation cross (such an changing its opacity by .001) to bring it back to the front.

Yes, I figured out a way using a forced fixation autoDraw(). I’ll close the ticket.